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random bits from the past via Seattle newspapers

Random bits from the archives of a certain Seattle newspaper.  

Q:  What period of time do these clippings come from?

A:  Between 1900 and 1984.

Q: What’s the full context of item x that you posted?

A: We recommend you search the original source via the archives at the Seattle Public Library. (SPL account required)

Q: Can you post an interesting clipping on topic x for me?

A: Possibly.  Click the “Ask” link above and ask us to do a search.  If we stumble across something interesting on that topic then we may post it.

Q: Who are you?

A: We are a collection of individuals who have decided to combine our love of time travel with our skillz in uploading images. 

Q: What was the population of Seattle in 1900 (or 1930 or 1960)?

A: The following chart showing Seattle populations is comprised of census data:

year	  rank   population

1890 	   70 	     42837
1900 	   48 	     80671
1910 	   21 	    237194    
1920 	   20 	    315312    
1930 	   20 	    365583    
1940 	   22 	    368302    
1950 	   19 	    467591    
1960 	   19 	    557087    
1970 	   22 	    530831   
1980 	   23 	    493846   
1990 	   21 	    516259

Q: Are there other sites on the internets?  I’m tired of this one.

A:  Yes, below are some sites we recommend checking out:

     Vintage Seattle:

     UW Digital Collections:

     Seattle Municipal Archives Photograph Collection:

     MOHAI’s Photo of the Day:


     Shorpy Historic Photo Archive:

Want to send us a note?  Use the Ask page.  Thanks.

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